60g Thin Black Paper

60g Thin Black Paper

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Thin Black Paper 60g

Product Specification

We provide a 60 gram thin black paper which are particularly utilized in abrasive products. These can easily stick to to fiberglass reinforcement of the resin grinding wheel, as the spacer amid the fiberglass fabric, it is also trademark or attribute for bonded abrasive and so on.
1) Base paper : It is made up of original black paper, which is 100% wood pulp, and can be recycled       
2) Available Grammage ranges from :  30 gsm ~ 60 gsm
3) Size : Any other sizes are obtainable upon customers needs, both in reels or in sheets
4) Character : it can bear intense and high temperature. Also the colour does not changes
5) Usage : It is mainly used for the purpose of abrasive disks, grinding the wheel and also for the purpose of printing and packaging
6) Packaging : it comes in an ordinary and Regular seaworthy packaging

Product Code : 4809930000
Brand Name : TENMA